Kobe Beef vs. Grass-Fed Beef

Joleen with one of her cows
Joleen with one of her cows

by Joleen Whelchel | sponsored by 

Throughout this journey, I’ve realized that the number on the scale is only one measurement. It’s a measurement that is easy, we just step on and get the number. It’s a measurement we can do from home in the privacy of our bathroom, so nobody can see but us. And as I’m writing this, I know that somewhere in this week’s blog, I’ll share you with you my total pounds lost to date.  But, pounds lost is only ONE measurement, it is certainly NOT the most important measurement. 

When I walked into PHD Weight loss and Nutrition for my first consultation, I stepped on the scale. Their scale measures way more than just my weight. It measures my body fat, my muscle mass, my bone mass, and how much water my body has. Getting on the scale shows us our starting point. It’s a measurement, and it helps us know where we are, so we can know where we need to go.

So, last week when I weighed in, my pounds had gone down, but my muscle mass had not gone up. I was perplexed because even though the PHD Weight loss program doesn’t require me to work out every day, I do. I always have, and that week I’d adjusted my workouts to be sure I was in the muscle building, fat burning zone the entire week. I had done much more and much heavier resistance training than I usually do. How in the world could my body fat percentage stay the same? Something had to be wrong with that scale.

But, this is the difference between PHD Weight Loss and Nutrition and any other program I’d ever done. They had a scientific explanation.  My intramuscular fat was shrinking. Okay, great, what that mean? The simple explanation is, it’s like Kobe beef verses a sirloin steak.

Now they were speaking my language. I’ve been in the cattle business my entire life, so I know a little something about beef. Kobe beef is bred and fed and kept so it can produce a perfectly marbled steak. That marbling is intramuscular fat. It makes steaks tender and delicious. Kobe beef is massaged with sake, and beer is added to its feed to make the cattle fat and lazy.

Grass fed beef cattle are allowed to graze. That’s what we raise on our farm. Our beef cattle are great mothers, and produce a solid calf crop every year. They are fed grass hay to keep them healthy, and we provide them ample grazing ground for their physical and mental well being.

As my muscles get stronger, and I lose intramuscular fat, my muscles are becoming less like Kobe beef and more like a lean sirloin.  Even though the scale said I hadn’t gained any muscle mass, my muscles look prettier. My body is tighter, and my clothes are getting loose.  Buy the way, since January, I’ve lost a total of 14 pounds, and 7 of that is in the past three weeks with PHD Weight loss and Nutrition.

As you move through your journey, remember that the scale is not your only measurement. Remember that your confidence, your energy, and your overall well being is just as important. Remember that your clothes will fit better, you’ll sleep better, and you’ll feel confident. Those of things worth measuring!

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