Create Your Own Story

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Create your own story

In a world where information is thrown at us from 100 different directions and is delivered from a million different perspectives, it’s so hard to interpret what’s true.

We’ve all heard the old saying, “There’s his side, her side, and the truth.” The fact is, your perspective is your reality. I know very often in my life, I get so caught up in my perspective of things that I lose sight of the other side. We all have a history and an upbringing that molds our perspectives.

What if you choose another way? What if you choose to create your own story? What if you use the power of your brain to consciously think differently about things, even if those things are deeply engrained in your subconscious?

In this video, Dr. Ashley talks about how the words that you use have the power to change the way you think. Her example about craving a pizza or wanting a salad is a great example of how your mindset can and will change your behavior.

Some days I lose motivation. I work a few hours and just want to stop. Some days I’m halfway through a workout, and I have to really push myself to finish. I’ve discovered a little “tool” to help me finish, even when I don’t feel like it. First, I set a tangible goal of what I want to achieve. For example, I want to finish the top four things on my work “to do” list. Then, I think about how I will FEEL when those things are finished. Relieved? Yes. Accomplished? Yes. Productive? Yes. When I think about how I will feel when I’ve completed my list, it gives me the motivation to keep going. We all know it’s hard to start a task we’ve been putting off, but having that task done feels SO DANG GOOD!

If you’re having a hard time getting started on something, big or small, I challenge you to think differently. First, think of how you’ll feel when it’s complete. Start at the end and move backward. Let’s clean your closet. Imagine how nice it will be to see all your clothes organized;  throwing out all the things you haven’t worn in two years, that dress that lost the hem and you promised yourself you’d get sewn three years ago, those shoes that are so cute, but they kill your feet, so you don’t wear them. Imagine tossing them all into the donate pile. Now, think about hanging up everything you chose to keep, everything that brings you joy when you wear it. You’ve organized your things so you can see them and find them, and you can finally see your closet floor again. Now, doesn’t that make you feel amazing?

Throughout my wellness journey this year, there were a few times I just wanted to quit. I loved the way I was feeling and the direction I was moving, but I had days when I wasn’t motivated to stay on track. What helped me was thinking about how I would feel if I let myself fail vs. the way I would feel if I conquered that nagging quitting feeling. 

Most of the time, that motivated me to stay on track. When I was having a particularly hard day, I’d reach out to my nutritionist or fellow PHD clients, and they would support me through it. The team at PHD Weight Loss and Nutrition gave me the tools to succeed; I just had to use them and change my words and thoughts when they were self-sabotaging. I’m so glad I started, and thankful for the journey, and even more grateful that I didn’t quit. Being healthy and having energy and thinking clearly is worth it!

Whatever it is in your life that you are putting off because you dread the process, think about how great you’ll feel when it’s finished.  Throughout the process, when you aren’t enjoying the task, avoid the negative thoughts and keep your mind focused on the finished product. Change your thoughts to accomplish what you want. When you change your thoughts, you create your own story. Your story can be and will be great!

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